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A Youth-Run Webzine From Chicago.
Photo by: Stefano Esposito
By: J. Buchanan Photo by: Stefano Esposito Contributor: B. Faloona Gun violence perpetuated by Chicago street gangs is a constant problem that affects everyone in Chicago; not just the rival feuding gangs, but everyone. Children, mothers, people just passing by. Innocent people. No you say? It’s some far away thing, happening in some faraway place?...

  Wear Orange Partners with Street-Level Youth Media to Sponsor First-Ever “Voices of Orange” Talent Competition by http://everytown.org/ “Wear Orange” Inspired by Bold and Creative Chicago Teens Who Refused to be Silent in the Face of Daily Gun Violence; Competition as Avenue for Others to Raise Voices;VoicesOfOrange.org Entries Due by April 4; Grand Prize Includes $3,000, Opportunity...
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A high school student is struggling to find ways to get money to support is family. As a last resort he decides to sell drugs but realizes he made a mistake. The short story includes 2 music videos that help to tell the story of the main character.