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Life: I Don’t Know What I’m Doing

Photo by Alex Green from Pexels
Hear MMJ Taylor explore growing up from 3 different generations.

Growing up is pretty scary, to say the least. Nobody knows that to expect, and that’s mainly because nobody knows what lies ahead on the path of growing up. Many of us feel as though we don’t know what we’re doing and have little to no guidance. 

As a senior in high school figuring out post secondary plans, I’m realizing that this thing called growing up is not easy. The transformation from high school to college is hard to adapt to. In the process, you may even realize that some of these commonly travelled paths are not part of your journey after all. 

I personally feel as though I am not 100% ready to face the growing up part. I don’t think I’ve been fully prepared for this thing called life…but who ever is? It feels like it just crept up on me one day and now there’s no way to turn back. I know that this is just the beginning.

In this podcast, I focus on letting young adults who feel stuck and unsure to know that it’s completely normal to feel this way. I want everyone who feels like they aren’t ready and prepared when it comes to growing up to know that this is a widely shared fear amongst us. 

I sat down with 3 women of different generations to share how growing up feels, and if some will ever change. Aiyanna, who is also a senior in high school, talked about a lot of things that I relate to in this journey of becoming a young adult. Mother-daughter combo Lisa and Jalissa (30) both explain how you can plan for everything, but oftentimes they just don’t go as planned. Despite this, they emphasize the importance of taking it one step at a time and remember to enjoy life.

Stepping into the young adult chapter, remember that being unsure is okay, and change is inevitable.

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