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What Do You Smell at the Park?
Listen to “What Do You Smell at the Park?” by Fadi Ghanim.

The summer has finally arrived and it’s the best time for you to get out and explore what nature has to offer. Get out and see what you can find. Whether it’s birds chirping in the distance or people laughing and having a great time. The park is filled with the color green and the flowers bring joy to a person. Best of all, the sun is always shining down, bringing many benefits like Vitamin D and supporting bone health. What more could you possibly ask for? 

Nature is just a gift to us with many benefits that promote good health for us and it puts us in a good mood.  There’s a park that’s five minutes away from my house. It’s called Rogers Philip Park, and there’s always teams competing with each other or family’s hanging out with their children. I love seeing my park filled with people having a great time because that’s what brings me joy. Why not take twenty minutes of your day to get out and explore? All you have to do is simply take a walk and enjoy being outside while the sun is happily shining at you. You aren’t at stake of losing anything if you get out. It doesn’t bring anything harmful to the body rather than positive vibes and health benefits from the sun. 

Listen as MMJ Fadi Ghanim speaks to Amethe who loves bringing his kids to the park, Eric Robbins who lives in Edgewater, Amy Saadoon who is the sister of Fadi, and Sonica Ruiz who is a program specialist at the Chicago Park District about how getting out is important for our health and how it provides so many benefits to the body.

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