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The Wonders of The Kitchen

The Wonders of the Kitchen Image: Jermaine (left) interviews Hyman (right) in a restaurant.
Jermaine (left) interviewing Hyman, head chef at Phodega. Photo by the author Jermaine.
Listen to “The Wonders of The Kitchen” by Jermaine.

What does it take to run a kitchen? When going out to eat, you only get to see the finished product. We never see the process behind making the masterpiece that is presented to us. In this podcast, we’re joined by Jessica Chandler (personal counselor), David (licensed culinary student), and Hyman (head chef at Phodega), experts on how professional and non-professional kitchens work. They take us behind the scenes and get a closer look on how things operate in the kitchen.

This issue of Mildsauce, we invited young journalists to reflect on the theme “Sense of Wonder.” Click here to follow the stories coming up in our “Wonder” issue. For more podcasts, check out our Podcasts archive.

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