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Blooming Adventures: Discovering the Wonders of the Chicago Botanic Gardens
Listen to “Blooming Adventures: Discovering the Wonders of the Chicago Botanic Gardens” by Gibran.

A great center of wonder in the Chicagoland area can be found at the Chicago Botanic Garden. The sprawling natural landscapes can provide peace of mind, even in the harshest of seasons. We take a look inside the garden during the winter season, and learn more about their sustainability efforts.

My dad talks about his sense of wonder as a child, playing in the snow and experiencing his first blizzard in 1979.The Chicago Botanic Garden for him has been about seeing wildlife he might not normally see in the city. My mom’s sense of wonder is about seeing the snow for the first time. Originally from Panama,, she talks about adjusting to the climate. The Chicago Botanic Garden for her serves as a place to unwind and relax from busy everyday life.

I also managed to speak with Lynn McKay, a manager at the front desk about the Windy City Harvest Urban Gardening Program, their own sustainability efforts in the community. Throughout the project I discovered how people got to connect with the space, as well as what the garden is currently involved in.

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