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The Benefits of Technology

Photo by Josh Sorenson from Pexels.
Listen to “The Benefits of Technology” by Kennedy.

Have you ever wondered who invented computers, or how many parts are in one? Technology caught my own eyes about two years ago, and at that point I was very curious about it. It gave me a sense of wonder trying to understand the inner workings of a computer and how I could possibly put one together myself. This led me to being amazed once I finally understood and it became one of the many things that I love today.

Being able to interview others and get their opinions on the subject helped me understand them more and what technology can mean to other people. My mother reminisces on having to depend on the library for research papers in high school, and how the Internet can be a good and bad thing. My father hones in on the vitality of studying computers, and job security. Stephen Hansen, founder of Silent Builds, reflects on being an expert in the industry, and shares some fun facts.

Everyone perceives things differently so while I might be amazed at something, someone else could just be curious!

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