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The Exploitation of Edits
Listen to “The Exploitation of Edits” by Markel.

Have you ever spent time watching YouTube videos from various content creators? I’ve spent my time watching CoryxKenshin, Mickey, and Dashie. each who has a different editing style and uploads at their own pace, with at least five videos a week. I wonder what the average viewer knows about the editing process. Do they understand how long editing a video takes, or how much time is consumed?

I interviewed three people who have an ideal understanding of what editing is: a computer science teacher (Nick), content creator (London Waters), and a viewer who never edits but has a basic understanding about the skill (Maurice). With each individual they talk about the depths of editing to their knowledge such as how hard it is, how long it takes to edit a video, the styles of editing, and if the quality of editing is determined by the software or the person whose editing.

So next time while you’re watching your next YouTube video, try to think about what’s happening behind the scenes.

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