When real life meets reality.

    By William Adebayo

    The Rap Game attracts contestants with diverse music styles.

    The show contains different avenues for aspiring young hip-hop artists to showcase their talent.

    Are you or a family member interested in music? Good thing, I have a cure for you! On the Lifetime Network, there is a show called The Rap Game that combines music and reality television into one. The Rap Game draws you into the journey of five teen rappers from ages 12 through 16. The rappers will battle it out for the ultimate prize of a recording contract with Jermaine Dupri, a well known record producer. In order to join, the rapper has to be making a name for themselves and pass auditions by performing in front of Jermaine Dupri.

    The young teens face obstacles that many other artist will come in contact with as well. The ups and downs show you the struggles many rising artists face in order to make a name for themselves. They perform in front of hundreds of other kids. These range from performing live on television to memorizing their own freestyle, which takes time and patience. Many of the young rappers are going through family issues or not getting along with the other youth. This show illustrates that it takes a lot of self confidence and strategy to get signed to a record label.

    The young rappers have a manager with them to help them through the show and to offer them them advice on how to take on each week to be first on the leaderboard. This show can guide most youth out of their shell. Most kids go from shy or not confident to the opposite. The part that will draw you in is the change each rapper brings to the table with having a diverse twist in hip hop. It’s a 13-week process for everything to come together through the whole show and Jermaine Dupri who is the host of the show gives a little on what each artist did wrong or right.

    The artist who are on the show already have a little bit of experience before the show even airs and little buzz in their hometown so each artist gets to spread their name around the world and perform. This could be a music video and it could be any genre. Most kids take the deal with Jermaine because they feel that they have a better chance of taking their music to the next level.

    The Rap Game gives you an exclusive look on kids who love music and hip hop and want to expand on their brand but don’t have a platform to do it so they audition and get on the show to showcase the viewers watching at home how diverse or special each of them and how they can make sure each rapper benefits by being on the show.

    The show on Lifetime known as the Rap Game displays a mixture of diverse cast members that consists of unique personalities. Every kid had a diffrent type of swag they bring to the table such as the way they dress and the way they did there freestyles and performances.

    The basis of the show may seem like a competition but it is not centered around a competition at all. It’s a teamwork type of show based off of each kid boosting their career facing head to head. They take you away from their problems each kid may face that doesn’t have anything to do with the show. The show brings out the best in the kids’ abilities.

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    • jacquarie

      I like this article because it describes a TV show and what it is all about and also it has a deeper purpose of taking youth and helping them grow a plateform, that they didn’t have before, and helping them on their paths to getting a record deal and better helping them understand the rap game more.

    • Keevon Bohanon

      Nice, the kids are talented and I’m interested in following up with the site and show.

    • Tiffany Fleming

      I can deftly get in tune with this show. It like a new spin on modern hip hop with classical orchestra play.

    • Lawrence Lloyd

      Kids are showing their talent in different ways that makes them them

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