Welcome to Womanish

    When you want to see the stars, you go to Adler Planetarium.
    When you want to see art, you go to the Art Institute.
    When you want to experience peace, you go to the Lakefront.

    And when you want to see and experience womanhood in a meta and moving way, you go to Womanish.

    Womanish is a pop-up experience located in the heart of downtown Chicago. The exhibit spans 5-stories tall, and is made up of 16 “women-ish” experiences and perspectives. Each floor explores the complex, compelling culture of being a woman. Womanish was created by the Gray sisters. 

    Photo By: Tajah Ware

    Dionna and Danyelle Gray have made it one of their life missions to empower and support women. From their podcast “Girl Do better” to the creation of Woman-ish, the Gray sisters are on a roll and there are no speed bumps in sight. They founded and formed Womanish because they wanted to create a safe space for women. A place where women could gather, have fun, see themselves and see and connect with different experiences of womanhood from the eyes of different female artists. 

    In the wake of a pandemic and social unrest, there’s nothing we need more than connection and community, and that’s exactly what you’ll get at Womanish. An exhibit created and curated by women for women. Womanish is healing, it’s honest, it’s artistic and it’s fun; which is something we could use a little more of during this time. 

    The theme of this exhibit is womanhood, in all the different shapes it takes.  Womanish explores the different areas and niches of womanhood: from growing  up, to embracing your sexuality as a woman, to demanding more pay. 

    When I stepped into Womanish, I felt excited but also comforted. From the moment you walk in to the moment you walk out-, you’ll feel engaged, emotional, sometimes enraged, but above all: elated. Elated to be in space with such amazing energy. Elated to be in a space created by artists and storytellers…. all of whom happen to be women. 

    So many of the experiences at Womanish caught my eye and spoke to me. However, Vanish, Moodyish and Selfish were my favorite experiences at Womanish. The iridescent lights, translucent curtain and mirrors in Vanish created a beautiful aesthetic.

    Moodyish spoke to me because everyone has days where they aren’t in the mood. Everyone has days where they are a little moodyish, and that’s ok. 

    Selfish was empowering and blunt.

    You are THAT GIRL.
    I am THAT GIRL.
    Live in that feeling.
    Embrace that feeling.
    Embrace your beauty.

    That was the message I got from the Selfish Experience.

    Womanish is exactly the type of outing you deserve. It will leave you feeling empowered, feeling seen and most importantly feeling connected to your womanhood, whatever that may look and feel like. The exhibit closes on November 8th so make sure to check them before then.

    (Editor’s Note: Womanish has been extended several times throughout this year! Currently, ticket dates range until the end of January 2021.)


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