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    Listen as MMJ Uriel discusses being a product of our environment.

    Dealing with negative people is no joke. Although unrealistic to think life will be a nonstop ride of positivity; too much of anything will yield bad results. This is especially true for negativity/ negative people; who have been defined as “…someone who tends to think and speak in a way that emphasizes all the bad things about themselves, other people, or situations. This personality type can be difficult for those close to them because they often see the world through such an intense lens of negativity.” 

    It can really take a toll after some time, especially while growing up. Many people grew up in really bad environments, while others had a more welcoming and nurturing environment. Our surroundings and the health of our family are so important due to the effect it still has on us today. We may not realize it but we do unconscious things that derive from those experiences and that affect the way we are. 

    The overall concept of what we find normal is truly complicated. There is a variation of actions, feelings, or ideologies we may find normal but to others, it may be something completely different. Once again, our circumstances growing up play a huge role in this.

    Listen as MMJ Uriel Favela as he delves deeper into how important our environment is and how it still affects us today. Additionally, Miguel and Deandra, who grew up in two different environments share their experiences. With the professional opinion of CPS Educator Alma Favela, we will be able to fully comprehend how we are all complex beings, but at our core, we are simply the product of the environment we were brought up in.

    If you find yourself in any sort of mental health crisis, reach out to any of these organizations/sources.

    Editor’s note: Please comment if you know of any other resources local to Chicago.

    National Suicide Prevention Lifeline: 800-273-8255

    Crisis Text Line Service: Text HOME (4663)  to 741741

    NAMI Chicago: 312-563-0445

    NAMI Chicago Crisis Resource List (including finding healthcare and alternative hospitals)

    NAMI Chicago Resources (including housing and shelters)

    CDC COVID-19 Tips for Coping with Stress and Anxiety

    Five journalists responded to the theme: “Back to the Normal”. Click here to see all the stories covered in our Normalcy Issue. For more podcasts, check out our Podcasts archive.


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