Listen to “The Power of Our Environment” by Uriel Favela

    Environment. Many things may come to mind when thinking of this term. Whether it’s your social, the world, or overall surroundings, it plays a bigger role in your life than you think. Physical environment, at least, is the direct component that influences the way we feel. When walking into a well lit room, you are more likely to feel happier than going inside a very dull and dark atmosphere. People tend to underestimate the power our physical environment has on the way we feel. 

    Problems and chaos is something that we face very often (some more than others). At one point or another, we’ve had to deal with stressful and anxious situations. However, the answer to alleviate these uncomfortable emotions is quite simple and clear: going outside. Whether you go take a walk and relax in the park or just sit on the grass, it is scientifically proven to improve our mental state. Even sitting on your front porch and taking in fresh air has a positive impact on not only your health, but your mental health as well. Still, many people refuse to leave the comfort of their homes whether it’s due to technology, laziness, or overall fear of experimenting with new environments. 

    In this podcast, we will be discussing more on the topic of how beneficial it is to interact with nature along with the location of The Garden of the Phoenix located in Jackson park. The rich history and scenery will be elaborated in detail. We will be hearing from local residents who have many years visiting the park such as Jesus Rivas. Along with that, Daniel Favela returns to not only talk about the matter, but to give insight on the urban planning behind neighborhoods and the impact lack of nature has. Lastly, we will be welcoming clinical psychologist, Dr. Amy Anson to fully understand the importance of engaging in nature and how to overcome the fear of new environments. With the help of these individuals, we will be able to understand both sides of the spectrum of going out and staying in.

    Mildsauce invited journalists to reflect on the theme “Get Out.” Click here to check out more stories in our “Get Out” issue. For more podcasts, check out our Podcasts archive.


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