Don’t Be Afraid to “Get Out”

    Listen to “Don’t Be Afraid to Get Out” by Taylor Jackson.

    With the pandemic seemingly coming to an end, many people have been getting out of their homes more. People are ready to explore the world again, but there are many who are still afraid to do this.

    Personally, I was ready to get out of my home and get back to the life I knew as soon as possible. Get back to exploring my city. Chicago has so many things to offer. Whether that’s food, nature, museums, etc. When it comes to looking for activities, downtown Chicago is a great place to go.

    Millennium park is a huge park in the middle of downtown chicago. It has many things to offer such as architecture, green space, food, and a plaza, where concerts and events are sometimes held. I instantly want to talk a walk into the park when I go downtown. For me, it’s very calming and allows me to get a peace of mind. 

    Recently, there have been a lot of incidents involving violence and youth arising downtown. This has caused people to become afraid to walk the streets of downtown chicago. Many people stay inside because they feel comfortable in the space they are in. They are drawn to the safety of their own personal space. In this piece, clinical psychologist Amy Anson, speaks on how being outside is recommended by many professionals. 

    Going outside and getting some fresh air is a great way to clear your mind. It helps relieve stress and allows you to be one with nature. Hopefully, people will feel encouraged to get outside of the comfort of your home, and feel okay doing so. If you’re having a bad day, it might even make you feel better.

    Mildsauce invited journalists to reflect on the theme “Get Out.” Click here to check out more stories in our “Get Out” issue. For more podcasts, check out our Podcasts archive.


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