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    Listen to “The Gamer’s Divulge” by Ty.

    Modern technology has made the world a more advanced place. We all use technology in our daily lives, but gaming was an industry that used to be difficult to consider when trying to make a career out of it. Some of the reasons I found common were games having a negative influence or encouraging violence. I would like to share a different perspective on gaming since I would like to become a game creator and professional gamer, which has influenced my sense of wonder. The wonder I feel comes from games, because they are something that I have used to build relationships with my family and friends. This led me into wanting a career in games, because if they can do this for me, why can’t they do the same for others?

    There will be three guests on my podcast: my mother, my brother, and professional gamer Solomon Smith IV. My mother, who is thirty-eight, will be the first guest. I asked her as an outside viewer how she believes games has affected children, the reasons why she and her daughters don’t play games, and the effects of gaming in her household. My Brother, Thirteen, will be the next speaker to discuss how games have changed his life, what was his personal experience, and how he adapted to be a gamer. The final guest is Solomon Smith IV, a professional gamer. I asked him what he believes affects gamers, what he commonly sees in the gaming industry, how does he believe gamers are affected by games, and what are the positives and negatives he sees within the gaming industry as well as changes that can be made.

    After listening to this podcast, I would like to know: has your opinion of the gaming industry changed? What more have you learned about it?

    This issue of Mildsauce, we invited young journalists to reflect on the theme “Sense of Wonder.” Click here to follow the stories coming up in our “Wonder” issue. For more podcasts, check out our Podcasts archive.


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