Dough and Diversity

    Check out Markel’s journey through the many styles of pizza above!

    The deep dish pizza. One of the many pizza styles which is home to Chicago, a place known for its variety styles of food such as the hotdog and the Italian beef sandwich. Deep dish has an appearance not many have seen: the sauce is on top of the cheese. It brings in a taste not many are used to because tasting the sauce before the cheese hits in a different way. 

    While this style of pizza is highly accepted in Chicago, the deep dish style pizza isn’t really a pizza many would like to try. This is because it’s not in the order that people are used to: cheese on top of the sauce. This leads to people thinking that deep dish pizza doesn’t have cheese at all, criticizing it before tasting it. When comparing this to other cultural pizzas it may be seen as a disrespect to pizza, just like how some people think pineapples on pizza isn’t acceptable yet others still enjoy it. It clashes with culture because of the way it’s made. Just like for example, tacos in Chicago vs tacos in Mexico. They are different styles. One has cheese and the other doesn’t, using beans instead.

    Personally, I think deep dish isn’t a bad pizza. The flavor hits different because of the way the cheese blends in with the sauce. Even though they’re in the opposite order of standard pizza, and the meat and vegetables are on the inside, it’s still a good tasting unique experience. Comparing it to the regular style of pizza, where it’s sauce, cheese, and then topped with anything you want; It’s an odd logic to hate on deep dish style without tasting and questioning why it looks like that.

    Markel interviews Tony, Manager at Paulie Gee’s Pizza.

    I feel if people were willing to taste it they would have a new understanding. I didn’t know what deep dish was as a kid, until I tried it one day I got a new understanding of food and its differences. It relates to the cultural clash because it’s a pizza that has a style like no other. When people see it, they act like it’s a failed project that nobody would like to touch. Comparing Chicago style of pizza to its other style of food, it’s the least like them. The other foods don’t have a unique style so much as just adding condiments people originally wouldn’t have (the Chicago Dog.) But for deep dish I don’t understand the hate. 

    Originally I thought the hate was just a joke but I’ve seen now that many people do not like Chicago Style pizza. Tik Tok is where I got this idea. Seeing the hate just made me question what could there be to dislike about deep dish pizza? I wonder if they’ve actually tried it. If people were to try this pizza, how would they see it differently? 

    When I was researching facts about deep dish pizza, I saw reviews that were from people who had harshly judged the pizza without trying. But after they had tried it, they actually rescinded the opinion, saying its actually good and were misunderstood. The reason I want to talk about this cultural difference is because I want to understand the hate I’ve seen for deep dish pizza. So I planned a visit to a few professional pizza places in Chicago to ask what’s the hate for deep dish. 

    I’d like to try and grasp the understanding of why some people hate deep dish, especially without even trying first. If it’s for its taste quality, or how it’s not combining flavors the way it should, then it’s acceptable to hate it if it’s not up to taste. So I’ll be interviewing an expert on pizza, and many people who have had both styles of pizza, New York or Chicago Style. I wonder which they would prefer?

    Markel and participants toast at Naty’s Pizza.

    With the people I’ve interviewed, they all raised the burning question I had when examining the style of pizza from Chicago: people most likely hate it because they believe there’s no cheese, or it’s not even considered pizza. It looks more like lasagna. When describing Chicago-style pizza, they express positively to its taste, expressing that it offers greater variety and a more uniquely crafted crust compared to others. While it’s true that opinions were kinda divided between those who enjoy New York or Chicago style pizza, the reasons they provided were consistent. Many mentioned their preference for the cheese placed on top or their appreciation for the diverse options Chicago style pizza brings. During the visit to the pizzeria where the pizza is made, the owner provided insights into its preparation while conducting the interview. Furthermore, a group of individuals taste tested the pizza, offering their perspectives on Chicago-style pizza. Upon tasting Naty’s Pizza, it became clear that everyone enjoys the cheese and finds the sauce delicious. We also saw that the pizza remains true to its cultural roots, featuring a unique crust and a perfectly circular shape that is cut into squares. Lorenzo mentioned that he incorporates Italian-style ingredients, a skill he acquired from someone else. We were also able to witness how the pizza is prepared and handled.

    But don’t take my word for it, let’s dive into the video and look for yourself in this tasty cheese and breaded journey.

    In this issue, we step into worlds different (or similar to) than our own and share our experiences. What does culture/community look like, and how does it affect you? Dive into our “Culture” Issue to hear how youth journalists address this topic.


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