Picture This: There’s Nothing Normal Anymore

    Photographer framing a shot.
    Image Credit: @courtneyoung on Nappy.co
    Listen as multimedia journalist/photographer Taylor Jackson delves into photography and normalcy.

    Back in 2018, becoming a photographer was one of my biggest goals. When I first gained an interest in photography, I always imagined what my life would look like a few years later, but I never imagined a worldwide pandemic being part of my journey.

    March 2020 is when the first wave of the pandemic hit, and when I began my photography business. While still learning to adapt to this new lifestyle I also continued to work on perfecting my craft. It became more difficult trying to express my creativity, work with others while being quarantined, and following safety guidelines. Trying to figure out how to get back to normal was one of my main challenges.

    Taylor Jackson posing for self portrait photography.
    Image Credit: Taylor Jackson

    In my mind, life was never going to be back to normal. I had to force myself to be positive about my situation, which was very difficult, but as time went on I began to notice how the pandemic gave me more time to learn photography and get better at it. This encouraged me to keep going and also allowed me to come across some amazing opportunities.

    Although my experience turned out to be fine, there aren’t many artists who can relate. I sat down with three other photographers: John Reimen, Cleo Cartwright, and Asha Tates (Fawoc) to speak with them about their experiences with COVID, how it impacted their businesses, and how they managed to find a sense of normalcy.

    Five journalists responded to the theme: “Back to the Normal”. Click here to see all the stories covered in our Normalcy Issue. For more podcasts, check out our Podcasts archive.


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