Motivation for the Future

    Motivation is an impactful tool that can impact a person’s future in various ways. It can shape the future by influencing a person’s mindset and attitude. This is a key point because when someone is motivated, they tend to have a more positive outlook on life. They are likely to view challenges and setbacks as opportunities for growth and learning, rather than as obstacles to be avoided.

    That same positive mindset and attitude can lead to broader opportunities and can lead to that person showing resilience. People who are motivated are more likely to bounce back from setbacks and overcome obstacles, as they view challenges as an opportunity to learn and grow from them. They are also more likely to be open to new opportunities, which can be essential for achieving success in the future.

    Taking a look at what motivates people gives a different perspective on what drives them and what doesn’t. The future is unknown to all, but we certainly can try to shape it. To find out why motivation connects to the future, I talked to three people who have to face this topic throughout their day. The first person is Jennifer Harvey.

    Jennifer Harvey is a teacher and has been teaching for the past four years. She talks about how teaching and how the students in her classes motivate her to keep pushing herself in and outside the classroom. She also gives insight into how sometimes, when she’s feeling unmotivated, it not only affects her but her students as well. Next is Tasia Conway, Tasia is a college counselor, so her work is almost exclusively about planning for the future. Tasia talks about working with kids wanting to go to college and how some get discouraged because of some situations like them not getting into the school they wanted, the money isn’t right, or some just don’t want to go at all. Some end up going to trade school. She notices that when they get discouraged, it can be hard to pull them back on track. Lastly, I got a chance to speak with Zakiya Collier. Zakiya works for a not-for-profit and worked there straight out of college. She talks about how sometimes she can feel a little unmotivated in her work and how it may affect her work.

    In conclusion, motivation is a critical factor that can significantly impact someone’s future. Whether it involves education, career, relationships, or personal development, a motivated individual is more likely to set goals, work hard to achieve them, and persist through obstacles. By recognizing the importance of motivation and providing support and resources for individuals to maintain it, we can help ensure that more people can achieve their full potential and lead fulfilling and successful lives.

    Special thanks to Abekanowitz, Voqal, and Urban Alliance. Mildsauce is created by the youth of Street Level. Street Level is a program of Urban Gateways. Check more stories out in this seasons Future Issue.


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